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What We Do

Hassle-Free Order Fulfilment

As experienced fulfilment specialists, we work with brands of all sizes who are looking for a 3PL partner to be part of their growth journey.

How We Do It

Our order processing and fulfilment services can be personalised to your requirements:

Value-Added Services

Contact Centre

The Prolog Contact Centre in Sudbury, Suffolk is supported by leading CRM and telecoms solutions. We offer multi-channel communications via phone, social media, email or live chat. All our services are supported by data reporting which ensures that you have visibility of all activities carried out on your behalf.

Print and Mailings

Prolog offers customers a ‘one-stop shop’ for order, POS and print fulfilment. We have an extensive, specialised mailings capacity, providing fully automated mailing services and expert hand finishing for more specialist tasks. The Prolog print team can handle small or large volumes, and materials of varying dimensions.

Packaging & Design

We live the journey a product makes from artwork through box construction and safe transit, to the customer unboxing experience. We use that knowledge to design packaging that ensures our clients’ goods move efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely through the supply chain, whilst prioritising brand messaging.


Personalised fulfilment turns ‘shoppers’ into ‘valued customers’ who feel a part of your brand. Prolog works with businesses to realise opportunities for creating personalised shopping and enhanced brand recognition. Personalised services include loyalty cards, T Shirts, product inserts, and luxury goods.

Markets We Work In

Here are some of the markets that Prolog Fulfilment specialises in.

cosmetics fulfilment market

Cosmetics Fulfilment

Prolog works with a range of cosmetic, grooming, and beauty firms to make sure that their products are perfectly packaged, shipped, and stored so that they can quickly and flawlessly reach their clients.

pet food fulfilment

Pet Food Fulfilment

The market for pet supplies, food, and accessories is always growing, and new goods are being introduced all the time. Along with order fulfilment, we can assist pet brands in generating recurring business.

fashion fulfilment market

Fashion Fulfilment

One of the value-added services we provide to the fashion businesses we work with is customised packaging. They also gain from our expertise in supply chain management and returns processing.

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

The market for vitamins and supplements fills our growing need to improve health and fitness. With our expertise in kitting and subscription services and stringent batch control, Prolog offers the perfect answer for brands.

luxury fulfilment

Luxury Fulfilment

Luxury brands can relax knowing that their goods receive the respect and consideration they deserve. They are kept in a secure location, packaged according to brand specifications, and quickly delivered for unboxing.

sports fulfilment

Sports Fulfilment

With efficient warehousing, same-day delivery, and returns handling, Prolog fills sports goods kit orders for a variety of sports products, including swimwear, bikes and accessories.

technology fulfilment

Technology Fulfilment

Tech companies rely on Prolog to transport their products, including TVs and phones, to customers' doors securely and in perfect condition. The administration of returns includes same-day replacements and refunds.

subscription box fulfilment market

Subscription Boxes

A fantastic method to maximise brand value is through subscription boxes. With customised packaging and online tracking, Prolog enables businesses to expand or scale-up their current subscription services.

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