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Order Fulfilment

What is Order Fulfilment?

  1. Goods In – Stock is received at our warehouse directly from your suppliers.
  2. Storage – We store your goods securely in our warehouse under the full control of our Warehouse Management System.
  3. Order Picking – Orders are received directly from your order management system.
  4. Order Packing – Orders are packed in sustainable packaging.
  5. Despatch – Your orders are despatched with full tracking to your customers.
  6. Reverse Logistics – Where needed, your customers can return goods hassle free to our warehouse.

All of the above is managed by our warehouse management system providing full visibility to you at all stages of the process and an enhanced customer experience for you and your customers.

How We Do It

Goods In

1. Goods In

The stock we receive from your suppliers is checked and entered into our warehouse management system (WMS). This is how we’re able to guarantee structured storage, and real-time stock control.


2. Storage

All stock is stored in our secure modern warehouse with solutions tailored to your needs. Solutions include bulk pallet, pick face and picking towers with the right solution in place for your product.

Order Picking

3. Order Picking

Prolog takes care of your outgoing stock using WMS to ensure market-leading fulfilment service levels. Our dynamic systems management allows us to monitor demand and refine picking and packing operations to meet order requirements.

order packing

4. Order Packing

Packaging has a key role to play in shipping costs, the vulnerability of your product in transit, and the unboxing experience. Prolog is able to create intelligent design for brands ensuring that products ship cost-effectively, arrive safely, and delight the customer.


5. Despatch

Prolog has in place a network of pallets, carriers and couriers covering the UK. All despatches are fully tracked from when it leaves our warehouse through to the final delivery to your customer. Live delivery data is available to you.

reverse logistics

6. Reverse Logistics

Our aim is to minimise returns of damaged or incorrect items. If your customers do need to return items, though, we have in place a simple, frictionless process with same-day replacements. All returns items are repacked, returned, or recycled.

Value Add Services


1. Personalisation

We are working with our clients to enhance their brand recognition and bespoke offerings via our personalisation services. Examples are: football team shirts, printed t-shirts, membership cards, loyalty cards and electrical personal care items. Find out more.


2. Rework

Projects can be one off requirements through to simple relabelling, repackaging or barcoding rework that you need, Prolog make sure your goods are re-worked to your exact specification before being placed into stock for sale. Find out more.


3. Packaging

As part of our service offering, we have an in-house packaging design expert who will work within your business strategy to maximise operational impact vs your customer journey. The environment remains at the heart of our design process, at each stage we help to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging. Find out more.

Markets We Work In

Here are some of the markets that Prolog Fulfilment specialises in.

cosmetics fulfilment market

Cosmetics Fulfilment

Prolog works with a variety of beauty, cosmetics, and grooming brands, to ensure that their goods are expertly stored, packed, and shipped in order to reach their customers fast, and in great condition. Read more.

pet food fulfilment

Pet Food Fulfilment

Pet accessories, food and supplements is an ever-expanding market with new products emerging all the time. As well as providing order fulfilment, we can help pet brands achieve repeat purchasing. Read more.

fashion fulfilment market

Fashion Fulfilment

We offer customised packaging as one of our value-adds for the fashion brands we work with. They also benefit from our returns management and supply chain proficiency. Read more.

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

The supplements and vitamins market services our increasing need to boost health and wellness. Prolog provides solution for brands, with kitting/subscription expertise and strict batch control. Read more.

luxury fulfilment

Luxury Fulfilment

Luxury brands can rest assured that their products are treated with the attention and care they require. They are stored safe and secure, packed to brand guidelines, and despatched efficiently for unboxing. Read more.

sports fulfilment

Sports Fulfilment

From footballs to bikes and accessories. Prolog fulfils sports goods kit orders for a range of sports clubs - providing effective warehousing, same-day despatch and returns management. Read more.

technology fulfilment

Technology Fulfilment

Prolog is trusted by tech brands to deliver their goods - such as TVs and phones - safely and in pristine condition to the customer's door. Returns management includes same day refunds and replacements. Read more.

subscription box fulfilment market

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes offer a great way to get the most from brands. Prolog helps businesses to either grow or scale-up their existing subscription services, with custom packaging and online tracking. Read more.

homeware fulfilment

Homeware Fulfilment

Prologue is an established 3PL that offers homeware fulfilment for eCommerce companies. we deliver your products on time and in pristine condition in order to delight your customers. Read more.

toys and games fulfilment

Toys and Games Fulfilment

We provide order fulfilment services to major toy and game manufacturers. From puzzles to board games, we retain your products in our fulfilment centres and pick, pack, and ship orders to your consumers. Read more.

book fulfilment

Book Fulfilment

We collaborate with eCommerce book sellers and publishers to ensure that books are delivered on schedule and in perfect condition. For our clients, we create custom processes with a variety of value adds. Read more.

hair and beauty fulfilment

Hair and Beauty Fulfilment

Prolog specialises in customised fulfilment for hair and beauty retailers. We can turn a complicated process into a low-cost solution for your company. We specialise in the handling and storage of small and delicate goods. Read more.

stationary and gift fulfilment

Stationery and Gift Fulfilment

Prologue Fulfilment works with a variety of stationery and gift brands, from local businesses to global eCommerce giants. We offer tailored packaging and design solutions for your business. Read more.

Order Fulfilment FAQs

Yes, we do. Prolog Fulfilment provides a simple, frictionless process with same-day replacements and refunds for your customers. We aim to minimise the return of damaged or incorrect items, but every returns item is repacked, returned, or recycled.

Our team of industry experts sources competitive UK and international shipping solutions for our clients. Whatever your global fulfilment requirements we can help you turn shipping challenges into opportunities.

Prolog integrates with numerous eCommerce platforms including Amazon, Shopify, Magento, Weebly, WooCommerce, 3dcart, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, ShopWired.

We handle a range of products, from cosmetics and beauty products, through sports apparel and accessories, to tech equipment, fashion and supplements.

Prolog’s WMS provides real-time visibility of inventory levels, picking and packing, and eCommerce workflows. Clients can track the progress through the entire order fulfilment process, see whether they’ve been shipped and track their transit to delivery.

At Prolog we offer a range of value-added services, including:

  • Kitting & Subscription. Whether you need high-volume conveyor assembly, or personalised hand-finished kitting or subscription, Prolog has a trained and motivated team ready to fulfil your requirements.
  • Packaging & Design. Prolog creates intelligent packaging design for clients. This ensures that products ship cost-effectively, arrive in excellent condition, and provide your customers with the very best unboxing experience.
  • Mailing Service. We mail small or large volumes, and materials of varying dimensions. Prolog also offers a cost-effective, print-on-demand service. We print leaflets, barcode labels, booklets, posters in any volume, as required.
  • Customisation. We are constantly updating our in-house specialist customisation services, to ensure brands we work with stay ahead of developing trends. Currently we offer heat press, engraving, embroidery, print and packaging.

Prolog clients received dedicated support from trained agents who want to help, will ‘own’ the problem, and can efficiently resolve it. They will stay with your issue until it is solved to your satisfaction.

Our multiple carrier network is designed to get your orders and returns from UK and international destinations delivered on schedule. Our efficient, competitively priced shipping uses major carriers and pallet delivery networks, including Amazon preferred suppliers.

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