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6 Value-Adds Your Kitting Provider Should be Offering

6 Value-Adds Your Kitting Provider Should be Offering

6 Value-Adds That Help to Grow Your Brand

As eCommerce brands grow, so do their resources. Many of the brands that we now work with were start-ups with a great idea for a product. As their brand started to grow, they selected one of the smaller fulfilment companies to help with their immediate needs. Then – a couple of years later – they felt ready to scale and started looking for a 3PL partner.

Which is where a company like Prolog gets involved in the conversation. We have years of fulfilment experience, and an established infrastructure as a result. More than that, though, we’re interested in partnering brands for growth, which means offering more than just the basics.

What are the Kitting Basics?

If you’re an eCommerce brand kitting is most likely in your bloodstream. Quite early on in your growth cycle you’ve probably needed support in this area and there are plenty of fulfilment companies that can provide it.

Kitting basics include warehousing, where your product is received and stored; pick and pack where your orders are fulfilled, and shipping where your orders are delivered. Most fulfilment centres are also able to offer a degree of end-to-end visibility.

Why Look for Value-Adds?

Value-add in fulfilment aren’t just about adding ‘nice to have’ services; they’re about planning for growth. And a 3PL partner works alongside you to make this happen. The value-added services offered by 3PLs are all about increasing both the value your customers experience with your brand, and the growth that will occur as a result.

Why Look for Value AddsWhat Kind of Value-Adds do Growing Brands Need?

3PLs are a competitive market, which is great for brands because they get loads of choice. Many of our clients have told us that the amount of choice of offer can also be overwhelming. They explain that the biggest difficulty is finding a 3PL that is the right size for their needs. One that offers the value-adds they require to grow, without being so big that they don’t get the support they need.

Having worked with a number of brands that are moving from a fulfilment centre that offers the basics, to a 3PL that will partner them as they grow, we have identified 6 value-adds that are key to a successful, long-term partnership.

1. Kitting and Assembly

We have a proactive, experienced team ready to work with brands to fulfil their kitting requirements. We offer high-volume conveyor assembly, or bespoke hand-finished kitting. Your brand is our priority so we will find the operational process that is right for you.

2. Packaging & Design

Packaging and design have a vital role to play in shipping costs, the safety of your product in transit, and your customers’ unboxing experience. Prolog creates intelligent design for brands ensuring that products ship cost-effectively, arrive safely, and delight customers.

3. Returns Management

Frictionless returns are important to your brand. They can often make the difference between losing customers and increasing customer loyalty. We handle returns, provide a simple return or refund in 24 hours process, and provide detailed reports for analysis.

4. Dedicated Support

If you have a problem that you need your 3PL partner to deal with fast, you certainly don’t want to find yourself in a queue waiting for an operator. Prolog clients received dedicated support from agents who want to help, will ‘own’ the problem and can efficiently resolve it.

5. Mail Fulfilment, Printing and Personalisation

Prolog offers clients a ‘one-stop-shop’ for order, POS, personalisation, and mail fulfilment. We have an extensive, specialised mailings capacity, which offers fully automated mailing services and expert hand finishing for more specialist tasks.

6. Expertise & Support

Brands that work with us don’t get lost in the system. Instead, we invite them to work with the range of expertise we have in-house – design & packaging, supply chain, eCommerce – to strategise for growth. On average, our clients stay with us for around a decade.

Looking for a Kitting and Subscription 3PL?

If you would like to discuss kitting and subscription services, we’re here to help. Prolog is centrally located, with extensive warehousing and a trained, motivated workforce. We don’t just offer the basics; we provide a personalised service which is tailored to your brand. We’re designed to deliver great service to you and your customers.

Would you like to find out what makes us different? Call Prolog Fulfilment today on 01623 724000 to speak to a fulfilment expert.

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